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Benefits of QARTO
For Your Business

Evolution, Not Revolution

QARTO doesn’t force you to move away from your current translators or translation agencies. Rather, QARTO allows you to reap the benefits that you enjoy from your current translation resources, while bringing down your costs in using them!

When a new job is created, the user simply selects their preferred translator or company from within the system. The QARTO advantages – a portal-based solution accessible from anywhere, second-generation translation memory, real-time project tracking with alarms, online collaboration, etc. – automatically streamlines production; saving time, resources, and money.

Should your translation requirements change or grow over time, then our database comprised of more than 3,500 accredited translators can save you time searching for a particular language competency, or serve as an additional translation resource for larger projects.

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Translation memory

Translation Memory Automation reduces costs by "reusing" your language asset – your brand vocabulary.

QARTO is designed to offer "Language Asset Management" by market, by client, or by brand that’s unique to your organization – a level of granularity unmatched within the industry.

The open systems architecture allows many third-party "Translation Memory" databases to be directly ingested into QARTO – allowing you to realize savings from your very first project.

The Translation Memory database, glossary and thesaurus is owned by you: At any time, for whatever reason, you are free to download and save the database and all accrued content.

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Content creation

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Secure Online Platform

Create projects, submit files, appoint translators, collaborate, validate, etc. from an easy-to-use interface – any modern web browser. Qarto even supports access from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The intuitive interface gives complete project visibility from wherever you are in the world (e.g. what’s been submitted, what’s been completed, what’s in approval, what’s been approved, deadline management, etc).

With automated synchronization across languages and documents, Qarto is a fully-meshed and collaborative workflow complete with tools such as audit trail tracking, version control, and financial reporting.

Say goodbye to emailing Word docs to all and sundry, to versioning issues, Mac/PC incompatibilities, etc. All project data is centralized and easily accessible by authorized project participants.

Of course, the Qarto user interface is also available in a range of languages (!)

Cloud Based System Built For The Enterprise

There is no software to install. Qarto is a SaaS (“Software as a Service”) application, accessed via the internet using any modern web browser – or even mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Using banking-standard 1024-bit secured connection encryption, as well as automated project back-up across multiple sites every five seconds, your data is safe and secure at all times.

All Qarto users enjoy free and unlimited cloud-based storage of both their original as well as their translated files, creating a single, centralized repository for locating and updating documents faster and easier.

We can even ingest your back-catalog data for immediate and cost-effective reuse of archived content.

Finally, Qarto has been built from the ground-up to be as open and as extensible as possible. The published API (Application Program Interface) allows rapid and reliable parallel business systems integration to a wide range of third-party applications such as Digital Asset Management (DAM), Content Managment, Brand Managment, and Enterprise Content Publishing.

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The benefits of QARTO vary from one organization to another.

To find out how we streamline production and reduce your content translation needs get in touch with us.