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Translation Services For Digital Content Creators, Translation Agencies, & Publishers


Content Translation Services Optimized for Print, Web, or Mobile


Qarto saves companies and organizations time and money in the translations of documents and artwork files by centralizing and streamlining production.

We provide a range of automated features for managing, translating, collaborating and approving translation projects of any size.

Combining advanced project management with a powerful publishing engine, Qarto allows you to apply and manage language in the same way as any other brand asset.

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Native File Content – No Layout Costs

We understand translation services are just a stage of production. So unlike most language service providers we supply your translated content in the file format you want, not how we want.

Send us (for example) an Adobe® InDesign® file, and you’ll receive your translated version in InDesign including layout, typesetting, pagination – the works.

We support all versions of InDesign up to (and including) CC 2018.

We also accept files from QuarkXpress®, Microsoft® Word® / PowerPoint® / Excel®, Flash®, XML, IDML, XLIFF, HTML5, and even JSON.

Have a particular or unusual file format issue? Get in touch and let’s see what we can do.

Translation Memory Management

Stop wasting time and resources by re-localizing content.

Our translation memory management feature stores every word or phrase from legacy projects. Previously-translated content can be reused, thereby reducing both translation costs and production time, helping ensure brand consistency across languages.


Reduce Your Content Translation & Artworking Costs By

Whatever your translation resources and workflow we provide faster, easier and more cost-effective digital content translation services.