The Importance Of Content Optimization By Language

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Today, your customers are just as likely to be on the other side of the world, as the other side of town. The need to manage and control your brand's message across cultural and territorial boundaries is more important than ever.

Whether you call it TRANSLATION, TRANSCREATION or LOCALIZATION, the fact is that the process of creating and managing translation projects can be a real headache.

What we do

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Qarto helps organizations of all sizes better manage and create translated documents and artwork

Rather than the current practice of appointing translators, emailing documents, tracking versions and changes, correcting and approving the content; Qarto centralizes everything in one place.

From a single application, project participants have everything they need to complete any content translation project – easier, faster and more efficiently than ever before.

We're not just removing the long list of inefficient, manual tasks that complicate and delay the translation process.

We're producing more accurate, localized content in a shorter timescale, pre-embedded for whatever content application is required.

The result is reduced production time, content-independent output, and lower translation costs.

Our difference lies in our unique language adaptation workflow and our intelligent production automation.

Translations are always performed by human translators. Our 3,500+ translators are categorized by subject specialization, ensuring "fit-for-purpose".

Powerful project management, translation, and productivity tools streamline production.

Just like a logo, color palette, image, or video, language is a valuable brand asset, and should be treated as such.

Translated content can be exported and integrated into 3rd party Content, Brand, Marketing Automation, or DAM systems.

Foreign-language content becomes part your workflow, and utilized like any other publishing component.

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Qarto is a technology and automated production service developed by KEXINO.

We are a combination of a sales and marketing consultancy, an award-winning full-service marketing services agency, and a marketing technology developer.

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